Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Happy 4th of July!

Hello All,

Happy 4th of July from warm, sunny, gorgeous Southern California. This weekend my fabulous friends threw me a going away bbq. Here are some pics from it...

Wow, I have exactly 2 weeks left here in LA. The moving preparations are underway. It's amazing how things work out; the whole furniture thing is working out as different folks have laid claim to different things. My Z28 Chevy Camaro is being sold to a friend from Grand Blanc...

My apartment at HBS is ready; I can pick up the keys as soon as I land on the 19th. I will have exactly 48 hours to get stuff in order before my flight to Spain on the 20th. The trip to Spain is probably the most exciting part of this whole move deal. I have to be honest, leaving a place, friends, a job, and everything that you love is really tough... Fortunately, it seems that I have to work through the 18th, which will minimize reflection time...

Ok, it's the 4th of July, I have to head to the beach!


Hi Uma,
I came across your blog by chance and i am positively surprise about what you do.I only wanted to tell you that though you are leaving lot friends and a good and very interesting job behind you are coming to another wonderful country (Spain)which is also mine.At least the people who live here are and am sure you will find human warmth here and the spanish hospitality.It will be good i hear from you after the 20th when you are already here.Wishing you a good and safe trip to EspaƱa.Welcome to spain..Bienvenid Uma :)
Hi i am here again.I think My blog name did not come correct when i left the comment
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