Monday, June 26, 2006


T-3 weeks and counting

I realize that I have been extraordinarily delinquent in posting this month, but things here are CRAZY! In short, I have 13 days left of work, 3.5 weeks left in sunny So. Cal, and 2 months before school starts. I know I've moved across the country before, so this shouldn't be a total shock, but as I was packing up my apartment yesterday, I realized that I'm not 100% sure I'm ready for this. See last time, school had ended, everyone was moving up, moving on, and moving out, so relocating cross country seemed natural. This time, in contrast, I'm leaving everyone and everything behind, arguably for a fantastic experience, but, it's still kinda scary. Suffice to say that these are interesting times...

Before I get into what's going on, I thought I would tell you about a really interesting organization... For those of you interested in current events and foreign policy, most major cities have World Affairs Councils, which host speakers / discussion panels on current affairs. Check out for the Los Angeles WAC. The LAWAC actually has a young associates group, which hosts targeted events for people under 30 (e.g. dinner at the house of the French consul). It's a great group of people from all walks of life. Anyway, last week, I hosted an event for the Young Associates with my astronaut boss who spoke on the "Case for Space." The event, held in the Hollywood Hills, on a deck at sunset, was sweet. Carl showed images and spoke about his space flight experiences before closing with a discussion on the future of exploration. I'd always wanted to host an astronaut event when I was running the UM Club LA, so this was very cool.

oh oh... got called to a meeting. more later!

Sunday, June 18, 2006



Had a really cool experience tonight. Went to a place called the Magic Castle with a big group of friends. The Magic Castle is a Hollywood landmark, home to the Magician's Guild, and one of those places that you have to go to once. Saw all kinds of illusions, card tricks, and even a guy who can roll a billiard ball across his face. (don't ask)... Anyway, it's a pretty neat place, so I'm attaching a pic in the hopes that some of you get to check it out. I think before I leave LA, I will have to help the Club with its LA relocation page. For those of you who are moving out here, there are so many great things to see in this town!

Monday, June 12, 2006



oh my goodness, I only have 21 days of work left! That is so completely crazy. I can't believe I"m going back to school, with no income for 2 years! wow. ok. i'd better get back to work.

Thursday, June 01, 2006



So I promised that I would upload some cool pics of recent happenings...

Mission Control, Houston

Me as an Apollo Flight Director (my job is so cool!)

My astronaut boss' official mission patch! (one of three)

umm... where'd this come from? (my La-Z Boy recliner that is for sale. Any takers? All furniture must go.)

GAH! I'm moving in exactly 6 weeks! That's crazy.


here we go again...

once again it's 4:30 a.m. and I'm awake and ... working. I have no idea how this keeps happening, but somewhere between overcommiting and not prioritizing well, I end up in this do-loop where I average about one ridiculous night every couple of weeks... BUT, it looks like my tuition reimbursement chances are getting better, so all's well that end's well...


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