Tuesday, May 16, 2006


The World Is Flat

Hi All!

I totally apologize for having been so incredibly delinquent the last week or so. It's been very busy here in LA. However, today has been slightly more remarkable than the rest, so I thought I would drop by to tell you about it.

What's funny about working in aerospace is that the work load is totally cylical. Some weeks it's slow, other weeks, it's crazy busy, and then some weeks are really sweet! Next week, for example, we have a briefing at NASA, which I get to attend. (btw, I'm soooo excited as my boss has promised me a tour of Mission Control.) Yeah, I'll admit it, I've always wanted to go, which might just make me a bit of a nerd... :) Anyway, so today started off cool. This morning, because my other boss is surfing in Tahiti, I held the weekly business development meeting, at which we discussed legislative affairs, executive branch campaign strategies, etc. I definitely think that for anyone interested in marketing and selling technologies, business development is the way to go. The environment is dynamic and the work is always interesting.

After the BD meeting, I was recruited by the Biz Mgmt manager to help him solve a mini-crisis, which was pretty interesting. For those unfamiliar with government contractors, the Biz Mgmt guy is the person who says that "the money is the money", and ensures that a task is completed without exceeding a previously allocated set of resources. ($) Today it was my job to help different groups (subsystems, the BD team, etc) figure out how they would be able to do their jobs given finite dollars. VERY INTERESTING. Then finally, I was able to do my "real" job, which was to put together the systems engineering briefing that will be given at Johnson Space Center next week. That was also pretty cool.

Tonight, I went to hear Thomas Friedman speak at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. He was an absolutely incredible speaker, and touched on the 10 things that he believes flattened the world in the last decade. He also spoke on green technology as the enabler of the 21st century... v. cool.

Ok, it's super late; I have 3 chapters of accounting to read and a major review tomorrow, so I'd better go.

TTFN! :)

p.s. one of the guys I work with, who flew F-14s in the 1970s "TTFN-ed" me on IM at work last week. that was amazing. ha ha.

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